Heat Transfer

It is the same as heat transfer printing. Heat transfer is the process of application of heat-applied materials like device for iron processing, on various articles with the heat press. When heat is applied through heat press to the fabric, the material gets adhere to the substrate. The outcome is a decorated garment.

The Future is now!
With the use of water-based heat transfers, we can now print millions of colors to reproduce any logo, no matter how complex. There is no setup cost with a 20 unit MOD. This process is tested to last 50+ washes and has a durable stretch and rebound to match.

Why choose water-based heat transfers?

Water-based heat transfers are a vibrant, soft,  and lightweight alternative to traditional screen printing. They are an ideal way to print complex, multi-color designs on apparel, hats, tote bags, and coolers. Another advantage of heat transfer printing is the easy setup. Since this process doesn’t involve the use of screens, there are no setup fees. This process allows us to provide you with high quality, eco-friendly prints on practically any material.

Additionally, water-based heat transfers are PVC free, so you can feel good about wearing an eco-friendly print. This form of printing is suitable for all fabric types without water proof coating; cotton, polyester, blends, and nylon.

We add a dye blocker to transfers that will be applied to materials that lose their dye with heat, like 100% polyester and nylon. With the soft shell blocker, you can feel confident in knowing the garment’s dye will not bleed through light color inks!